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Leader in horticultural LED lamps for plants since 2009Take less - Grow plants serenely - Long shelf life - Ease of use - Low heat emission - Growth and flowering spectrum

Why choose horticultural LED technology?

Here is a brief explanation of why we have been producing horticultural LED lamps for over 10 years.

Low heat release

Control your growing environment with lighting that releases very little heat.

Low power consumption

Do not flay your electric meter! Our lighting consumes very little.

Spectrum growth and flowering

We have optimized a spectrum used for 10 years to obtain a big harvest.

Very simple to install and use

Our LED horticultural solutions are all Plug & Play. Receive, install, grow ;-)

Enjoy secure lighting

Forget the risk of a bulb exploding or a ballast igniting in your absence!

Very long lifetime !

The horticultural LED technology makes it possible to use your lighting for 50.000H is more than 7 years.

LED bars for seedlings, cuttings and young plants

Discover the products of the SpectraLINE range.

These horticultural LED bars are used to illuminate seedlings, cuttings and young plants. They are available in 30, 60, 90 and 120cm in length. You can connect multiple bars to use only one electrical outlet.

You can choose a standard or waterproof version if you have a very humid environment.

The SpectraLINE in a few words: Homogeneous horticultural spectrum, quiet, optimize rooting, modular, small footprint ...

See the SpectraLINE range

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SpectraBULB - Range of Horticultural LED Bulbs

  • 20W LED horticultural bulb for indoor growing - E27 -...

    59,90 €
    22 Review(s)
  • SpectraBULB X55 - LED flower bulb 55W socket E40 - Growth...

    119,90 €
    ou par CB 4x 29,98 €
    11 Review(s)

Find below all our horticultural LED bulbs that will allow you to grow plants indoors, with a simple to use and powerful solution. These horticultural bulbs are perfect for small spaces, from cuttings to flowering.We have also created the SpectraBULB X20, which allows you to have a more efficient LED lighting and is equipped with a high-end lens to optimize the area. lighting. As for the SpectraBULB X30, it is the most powerful LED bulb on the market. It is designed with 100% OSRAM LEDs and a high penetration lens. It is a perfect lighting system to achieve a bloom on a space of 30cm x 30cm.

The SpectraBULB X55 is the perfect bulb to replace a 150W CFL bulb. It has an E40 socket for use on a reflector without external ballast.

Very small footprint - High penetration lenses - E27 / E40 lampholder - CITIZEN or OSRAM LEDs

  • LED Horticultural Lamp 320W - Osram & Cree CXB3590 -...

    589,00 €
    ou par CB 4x 147,25 €
    11 Review(s)
  • 640W Horticultural LED Lamp - Osram & Cree CXB3590 -...

    989,00 €
    ou par CB 4x 247,25 €
    Out of stock
    8 Review(s)

Discover the new range of horticultural LED lamps for indoor growing of plants.

Reduce your consumption without reducing your harvest! These LED horticultural panels will allow you to cultivate in peace with lighting easy to use, secure and powerful.

Designed by the French company FloraLED, these lamps embark the best brands of LEDs (CREE & OSRAM).

Advantages of a horticultural LEDs lamp SpectraPANEL :

- Intense horticultural light
- Flowering Booster
- Top of the line
- Modular
- Simple to use
- Interchangeable lenses
- Two year warranty

All the lamps in the SpectraPANEL range are equipped with a FLOWERING BOOSTER button, to be activated from the first day of flowering to increase the floral production of your plants indoors.

SpectraMODULE - LED modular horticultural lamp

The SpectraMODULE LED horticultural lighting was designed in 2012. Today we offer the version 4 which produces 135W of light with a brand new COB wide spectrum LEDs. This plant lamp emits a light close to HPS with UV and Infrared to promote flowering. The separately sold management console allows you to take control of your lighting to vary the spectrum hour by hour. There are two versions, the X135 or X540 depending on the desired power. It is the most advanced horticultural LED panel.

Anti-corrosion treated chassis - High penetration lenses - Management console compatible - Muffler

  • 135W LED Horticultural Lamp - Wireless Console Compatible...

    269,00 €
    ou par CB 4x 67,25 €
    23 Review(s)
  • Pack 120cm x 60cm SpectraMODULE X135 V5 x2 + wireless...

    This pack for expert cultivator can grow on an area of 120cm x 60cm. The BloomLED Management Console allows you to customize the spectrum hour by hour. You will not need a mechanical programmer.- 2pcs SpectraMODULE X135 V5- 1 cables to connect the systems- 1 wireless management console- Power cables and suspension

    574,02 € 637,80 € -10%
    ou par CB 4x 143,51 €
  • Pack 120cm x 120cm SpectraMODULE X135 V5 x4 + touch...

    This pack for expert cultivator can grow on an area of 120cm x 120cm. The BloomLED Management Console allows you to customize the spectrum hour by hour. You will not need a mechanical programmer.- 4pcs SpectraMODULE X135 V5- 3 cables to connect the systems- 1 wireless management console- Power cables and suspension

    973,02 € 1 105,70 € -12%
    ou par CB 4x 243,25 €

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Complete packs! You receive, you grow directly!

You start a culture and you do not want to go wrong in choosing the different elements?

Discover now the BloomLED Packs ready to cultivate. Complete packs with pots, potting soil, horticultural LED lamp, extractor etc ... You receive all directly at home, free and in any discretion.

Discreet and free delivery at home by UPS carrier

BloomLED, the reference for LED horticultural lighting for indoor growing

A pioneer in the field of horticultural research since 2009 , the BloomLED brand has established itself as the reference in the field of indoor culture . The work and collaboration between scientists and enthusiasts allowed us to offer horticultural lighting LEDs quality, efficient and suitable for indoor culture. BloomLED is a trademark of the manufacturer FloraLED . By ordering on BloomLED, you are assured of acquiring a quality product, which will last a long time, while receiving all the advice and the follow-up which you will need. We are at your disposal by mail, chat online and phone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 17h!

Leading French company for more than 10 years

The BloomLED range, dedicated to indoor growers, was created in 2009 by the company FloraLED. This company was founded by Joseph, then 20 years old . Passionate about indoor culture, landless culture and always on the lookout for new horticultural technologies, he was particularly interested in the emergence of LED technology, guaranteeing a greener and more economical approach. A fire started in one of his indoor plantations, caused by a sodium lamp, finished deciding to embark on this path and seek to develop products LEDs Plug & Play, secure, simple to use and performers . Joseph has worked with culture enthusiasts and scientists, to create a range of products to meet its various requirements: quality, service life, very low electricity consumption (savings on the electricity bill and ecologism), aesthetics, absence of toxic products in its components, security and finally simplicity of use.

Need advice for your horticultural lamp project LEDs?

Our team is at your disposal to advise you and to present the lighting that will be most suited to your needs and the culture you want to undertake. For the lighting of a culture room, a single plant, a winter garden or an indoor vegetable garden ... we will be able to offer you horticultural lighting LEDs that will allow you to get the best results with maximum savings.

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