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Nothing like hydroponics! I started hydroponics in the years 2007 and that's what led me to create my company 2 years later.

Landless farming is not that complicated, for my part, I find it even simpler than growing in the ground. You will have a culture space cleaner, autonomous and with a superior production.

In hydroponics you have several techniques, drip culture, aeroponics, NFT, etc ... The simplest in my opinion and the culture in aeropony, you have no substrate (clay ball , etc ...) so no risk of your PH increase or decrease quickly.

In hydroponics, you will have two parameters to control. Ph, which corresponds to the acidity of the water, it should be about 6.0. To measure that you need a PH tester. To go down or show it must then add Ph Down or Ph Plus.

The other measure is EC, electroconductivity. Forget that barbaric name, it's simply the rate of fertilizer in your water. For this measure, I advise you to simply see with your range of fertilizer what you need to get. For EC it is necessary to add fertilizer to increase the rate, or add water to reduce it.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to take book: Hydroponics for all


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