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In this category, find all the necessary products for hydroponics cultivation and especially the control of the EC and the pH.

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  • Combo tester EC / PH and temperature of the brand BlueLab

    The BlueLAB Combo tester offers the ability to control the electroconductivity of your water, pH and temperature. This device is equipped with two probes to control these different parameters.No need to plug to work! Simply insert two AAA LR03 / LR3 batteries that are included. You do not need to worry too much about the calibration, it is already done at...

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    ou par CB 4x 62,25 €
  • EC / pH / Temperature tester - Easy to use and very...

    This Hanna brand tester is my favorite! I use it since 2007. It is very easy to use, it allows you to quickly get the different values essential to your culture in hydroponics.Characteristics :     PH range 0.00 to 14.00, ± 0.05.     EC range 0 to 3999 μS / cm, ± 2% full scale.     TDS range 0 to 2000 mg / L, ± 2% full scale.     Temperature range 0.0 to...

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  • PH + EC + Temperature + TDS tester - Milwaukee MW804 -...

    This Milwaukee brand tester is perfect for obtaining the various measurements during a culture in hydroponics, aeroponics etc ...Easy to use, it allows you to quickly obtain the EC + the pH + the temperature of your waterIt calibrates automatically: EC 1 point + pH 2 pointsIt has an LCD screen to easily read the different data. A HOLD function allows you...

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    ou par CB 4x 43,50 €

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