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  • Trellising net for culture box 80cm x 80cm

    6,21 € 6,90 € -10%
  • BloomLED glasses - Special LED horticultural - Comfort...

    The BloomLED green glasses allow you to spend more time under your horticultural LED lights without experiencing visual fatigue.You will rediscover your indoor garden with green leaves. This colorimetric enhancement increases your ability to detect a deficiency on your plants.Supplied with a storage box and a wipe for glasses.

    26,91 € 29,90 € -10%
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  • Book "Hydroponics for all" - Mini Edition - FRENCH

    Discover the book in mini edition "Hydroponics for all" by William Texier and learn the art of hydroponics! Easily start your gardening in hydroponics.

    8,01 € 8,90 € -10%
  • Book "Indoor Culture" Mini Edition - France

    Discover the 10 keys to indoor gardening in this Jorge Cervantes bestseller. Tips, diagrams, basic techniques ... Everything is in this book of 144 pages.

    8,10 € 9,00 € -10%
  • Method Seven Cultivator glasses for LED lighting

    Equipped with polycarbonate lenses with Tri-Flection methane and anti-reflective silver coating, the Method Seven Cultivator LED glasses are ideal and recommended when growing indoors with LEDs.They remove all UV A and B rays but also UVC, harmful and dangerous.

    60,75 € 67,50 € -10%
  • AGENT 939 LEDFX glasses - Full Spectrum - Method Seven

    Take advantage of the high-end glasses AGENT 939 LEDFX from Method Seven, ideal for blocking the intense light emitted by LED horticultural lamps. Composed of curved lenses, these glasses offer incomparable protection against harmful light rays.

    114,30 € 127,00 € -10%
    ou par CB 4x 28,58 €
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  • Ribimex Universal Sprayer Head

    Discover the Ribimex Universal sprayer head. Thanks to its removable connection, it fits on most plastic bottles.Characteristics- jet adjustment.- 35 cm hose.- Safety valve set at 2.5 bar.3 assorted translucent colors: yellow, green and blue.

    4,41 € 4,90 € -10%
  • Trigger Sprayer - 1 Liter Ribimex

    1L trigger sprayer Polyethylene canister and polypropylene head and trigger.Capacity: about 1 LColor: transparent

    2,61 € 2,90 € -10%
  • Scissors by three Techit pairs

    Scissors in three Techit pairs.

    8,91 € 9,90 € -10%
  • HortiLight Green LED Headlamp

    Discover the Hortilight LED headlamp allowing you to work in your growing space with your hands free, even at night!8 green LEDs - 3 positions

    6,21 € 6,90 € -10%
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  • Automatic watering kit for 12 plants - BLUMAT

    This blumat kit will allow you to automatically water your plants without electricity!Sold with 12 "carrots", you will have the possibility of watering 12 plants or 6 large plants.

    44,90 €
    Out of stock
  • Electric extension 5m - 3 x 1.5mm² + Secu NF

    Make your electrical connections easier with this 5 meter extension - 3 x 1.5mm² with NF safety!

    12,90 €
  • Scalpel

    Cleanly make all your cuttings with this ultra-precise scalpel!Delivered in its 100% sterile packaging - Resistant steel blade

    1,00 €
  • 1.3L piston sprayer for growing plants

    Simply and effectively spray your plants with this 1.3L sprayer with piston.You can use it for foliar application of a product.1.3L capacity

    8,01 € 8,90 € -10%
    Out of stock
  • Florastar protective glasses for LED lighting

    Cultivate serenely with Florastar protective glasses! Avoid bothersome and harmful radiation during your cultivation.These glasses have two interchangeable lenses (blue for HPS lamps and green for LED lamps).

    15,21 € 16,90 € -10%
  • Extensible trellising net for culture box 60cm x 60cm to...

    This stretchy net will allow you to make a beautiful training of your plants during an indoor cultivation. It attaches to the tubes of your culture chamber.It can be used in a culture box from 60cm x 60cm to 120cm x 120cm maximum.Composed of 36 tiles

    8,91 € 9,90 € -10%
  • HY1000 water cooler - Hydroponics and Aquariums

    Easily control the temperature of your water with the HY1000 water cooler from Teco, equipped with a digital display.

    845,10 € 939,00 € -10%
    ou par CB 4x 211,28 €
    Out of stock
  • TORUS PerfectPH Regulator 130L - Automatic pH regulator -...

    Use the TORUS PerfectPH 130L to automatically regulate the pH of your hydroponics.Regulator available in 260L, 380L and 950L.

    116,01 € 128,90 € -10%
    ou par CB 4x 29,00 €
  • Automatic watering kit - Blumat Classic

    The Blumat Classic watering system will allow you to easily water your plants.It will also give the necessary amount of water to your plantations to guarantee their good growth.

    10,00 €
    Out of stock

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