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Estos fertilizantes son adecuados para el cultivo sin suelo / hidroponía. Le recomendamos que use estos fertilizantes específicos para obtener buenos resultados.

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  • Hydropassion Pack Master Grower - Complete Fertilizer

    The Master Grower Pack is an ideal fertilizer solution to achieve outstanding results with your plants. The pack includes:1 x Master Grower fertilizer 500ml VG (415/625 L of solution)1 x Master Grower 500ml FS (290/430 L of solution)1 x Bloom Massive bloom stimulator 100gr (333 L of solution)1 x root stimulator and Xtra roots growth 100 ml (200/400 L of...

    51,90 €
    1 Review(s)
  • StarterBox HYDRO - HESI

    Discover the StarterBox Hydro fertilizer pack from HESI, ideal for providing your plants with all the nutrients they need when growing in hydroponics!The HESI HYDRO pack contains all the substances that bind the nutrient complexes and stabilize the trace elements, so that they can coexist with the nutrient components without undergoing alteration.

    56,90 €
  • Growth fertilizer MR1 - METROP

    22,89 €

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