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In this category we offer different root stimulators to activate the roots of your plants. This supplement is really great for having beautiful roots and thus obtaining maximum absorption of nutrients for the rest of your indoor cultivation.

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  • BN Roots - BIONOVA - 250 ml

    BN Roots by BIO NOVA is a powerful root stimulator based on algae and vegetable proteins. Thanks to him, your plants will easily and quickly produce many roots.BN Roots is used in conventional watering or in a drip irrigation system.

    24,90 €
  • BioTabs StarTrex - Natural Soil Conditioner - 1500 grams

    Come and discover the new range of 100% organic fertilizers from BioTabs.It will allow you to improve the absorption capacity of the roots of your plants.Content: 1.5 kilos.

    19,00 €
  • Root stimulator - BioBizz - Root Growth juicer - BioBizz...

    Root juice is a root stimulator, composed of humic acid and quality algae. It helps your plants to absorb nutrients faster by promoting root growth. The plants are then more resistant.

    15,75 €
  • Rhizo Boost 1L - Metrop

    Discover the Rhizo Boost fertilizer in 1 liter, from Metrop. This liquid solution considerably stimulates the development of plants, flowers and fruits.

    104,90 €
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