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Here are our different horticultural led bulbs for growing plants indoors. All our bulbs allow to cultivate on the same surface, 30cm x 30cm in bloom and 40cm x 40cm for growth and for herbs type plants, bonsai, carnivorous plants, cactus, etc ... They all equipped with a standard E27 culotte .

The SpectraBULB X20 is a very versatile horticultural bulb. It is designed with a lens to obtain a very homogeneous horticultural lighting and to be able to illuminate at low and medium distance.

The SpectraBULB X30 is the high performance light bulb. We have equipped it with high-end OSRAM LEDs to obtain maximum light with a minimum of space. It is also very practical if you need to light at an average or long distance (> 40cm). The different lenses coupled with the power of LEDs allow it to be effective more than 60cm away.

In order to use these horticultural LED bulbs simply, we have at your disposal cables with plug and socket of 100cm or 300cm.

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  • 20W LED horticultural bulb for indoor growing - E27 -...

    The new version of the 20W SpectraBULB X20 LED horticultural bulb is equipped with a CITIZEN 3500K central LED with a full spectrum. It is therefore ideal for plant growth. In addition, the thermal management is 100% silent and the horticultural performances are boosted by 15% compared to the previous version.You can also use it in addition to another...

    59,90 €
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  • LED horticultural bulb OSRAM 30W - SpectraBULB X30

    The SpectraBULB X30 LED Horticultural Bulb is perfect for urban growers who want maximum yields on a minimum of area.Growth and flowering in small spacesSimple to use on an E27 socketUltra-powerful on small areaGrowth & FLOWERING100% horticultural spectrumSmall footprint Ø95x122mm

    89,90 €
    Out of stock
    47 Review(s)
  • SpectraBULB X55 - LED flower bulb 55W socket E40 - Growth...

    Discover the new SpectraBULB X55 high-performance LED horticultural bulb - Equipped with the latest Samsung LM301B LEDs.It offers unprecedented performance for growth and flowering as a replacement for your CFL or energy saving bulb.No need for ballast, directly connect your bulb with E40 socket to the mains.Maximum area of 60cm x 60cm - Growth &...

    119,90 €
    ou par CB 4x 29,98 €
    11 Review(s)
  • Mechanical programmer 24H / 15min for LED horticultural...

    Daily programmable plug.Type: MechanicalProgramming period: Daily

    11,90 €
    10 Review(s)
  • Support CLIP - Flexible pour ampoule horticole LED E27

    14,90 €
  • Double Support CLIP - Flexible pour ampoule horticole LED...

    19,90 €

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