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  • The Missing Link - BIONOVA 250 mL

    Discover The Missing Link by Bio Nova, which will protect vis okabtes from harmful external influences by stimulating its natural defenses.The Missing Link also significantly increases yield!

    17,00 €
  • BIONOVA X-Cel Booster 250mL

    Discover X-CEL Booster from Bio Nova, the ideal biological stimulant for growth and flowering. Thanks to him, you will increase your production by 10 to 20%!Get a generous harvest and impeccable quality!

    15,39 €
    Out of stock
  • Bionova BN ZYM 250ml

    Discover the natural biocatalyst BN-Zym from Bionova! Composed mainly of specific enzymes, it increases the quality of the culture substrate in order to make it more effective.Thanks to BN ZYM 250ml, you will improve the retention capacity of your substrate, whatever it is, and you will increase the porosity on the surface, allowing water to penetrate...

    8,50 €

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