SpectraMODULE - LED horticultural lighting with management console

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This range of horticultural lighting LEDs offers you what is best in terms of performance, quality and features.

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  • 135W LED Horticultural Lamp - Wireless Console Compatible...

    Ready to work. Comes with power cable and suspension system.Discover the new generation LED horticultural lighting system. The best if you want to control your lighting system to the maximum in order to recreate the outdoor environment to perfection.The SpectraMODULE X135 V5 is modular, powerful and compatible with the BloomLED management console.Beware...

    269,00 €
    ou par CB 4x 67,25 €
    23 Review(s)
  • SpectraMODULE X540 V5 - LED horticultural lamp for...

    The SpectraMODULE X540 system is the horticultural lighting LEDs you need if you want to grow indoors with a simple, durable and ULTRA efficient product.You can pair it with the BloomLED Management Console so you can manage the spectrum hour by hour. It is equipped with lenses that intensify the light for better penetration into plants.Compatible with the...

    989,00 €
    ou par CB 4x 247,25 €
    Out of stock
    1 Review(s)
  • Refurbished - SpectraMODULE X135 V5 - Horticultural Lamp...

    We offer this SpectraMODULE X135 V5 system for sale at an unbeatable price. Compatible with the WIRELESS management console.Products used in tests or exhibitions. The products are like new, but may have some scratches.1 year warranty replacement to new. Offer is subject to availability.Plug & Play - Supplied without packaging but with suspension kit...

    199,00 € 269,00 € -70,00 €
    ou par CB 4x 49,75 €
    Out of stock
    6 Review(s)

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