SpectraB.2.G - Horticultural LED Bars for Indoor Intensive Cultivation

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SpectraB.2.G - Bar to Grow

Discover our LED horticultural lamps in the form of bars for indoor intensive cultivation.

These lights for indoor growing are designed for growers demanding the maximum performance and the best quality.

Whether you are a beginner or confirmed farmer, these lamps will allow you to obtain a large harvest without difficulty.

Very simple to use: These horticultural LED bars are do not require ballast or external power to operate. Simply connect the power cable to an electrical outlet to operate the power cable.

Ultra powerful: You will find the best brands on these LED horticultural lamps. The LEDs are powered with MeanWell boxes to provide a very high light output.

Modular: The bars come with a support for hanging up to 4 SpectraB.2.G LED horticultural lights. You can connect the lights between them.

Versatile: You will be able to choose the best compromise between light penetration or lighting area. These LED horticultural lamps are sold with two types of lenses. 80 ° for maximum penetration and thus obtain large plants, or 120 ° to illuminate a maximum area for plants 40 to 50cm high.

SpectraB.2.G X300

This LED horticultural lamp is designed to illuminate a maximum area of ​​140cm x 70cm with 120 ° and 120cm x 50cm lenses with 80 ° lenses.

She is ultra-performance! We have equipped it with a dimmer allowing you to control the light intensity and thus your electricity consumption.

No need to consume a lot if your plants require a minimum of light.

That's why we have created a growing chart, allowing you to meet the needs of your plants and thus ensure maximum yield for minimum consumption.

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