Accessories for horticultural LEDs

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In this category you will find useful accessories for growing plants indoors with a LED horticultural lamp.

You will find cables with socket E27 for use with a bulb horticultural LEDs for example.

A timer / programmer is also at your disposal to adjust the lighting duration of your horticultural LEDs panel.

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  • Double support for SpectraLINE - Hang your horticultural...

    This double support is perfect for simply hanging your SpectraLINE horticultural lamps for lighting your seedlings, cuttings and young plants.Adjust the height between 40 and 70cm.Sold by 2

    24,90 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Florastar protective glasses for LED lighting

    Cultivate serenely with Florastar protective glasses! Avoid bothersome and harmful radiation during your cultivation.These glasses have two interchangeable lenses (blue for HPS lamps and green for LED lamps).

    16,90 €
  • Extension cable - SpectraWild - 100cm

    Thanks to this extension cable, you can easily increase the modularity of your lighting. This cable acting as an extension is compatible both for your bars and for your console.Indeed if you want to deport your bars from your power supply, no problem, this cable will be the perfect accessory!But if you want to move your console even further away from your...

    9,90 €
    Out of stock

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