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  • Complete kit for cuttings - Greenhouse + 24 cubes +...

    Enjoy this perfect kit to make cuttings or sprout your seeds easily!This kit includes:- A greenhouse 31cm x 22cm- A tray of 24 cubes Root It- A fertilizer sachet dedicated to young plants- A rooting gel Root It to promote rooting- A scalpel- An instruction booklet

    21,90 €
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  • Ideal bucket for sowing, cuttings - Pots of 7cm x 7cm x...

    This batch of 10 pots of 7 x 7 x 8cm will allow you to easily cultivate your seedlings and cuttings indoors.We recommend using SpectraLINE LED lighting to support the germination of your plants.

    4,90 €
  • Lot of 18 Biodegradable Pots - 8cm in Blister

    Lot of 18 biodegradable pots of 8 cm in blister.

    2,90 €
  • Tapis chauffant Root It Small - 120 x 40cm 60W

    63,49 €
    Out of stock
  • Root It Small heating mat - 35 x 25cm 11W

    Discover the flexible heating mat from Root It in a small 25 x 35cm version. It will allow you to maintain an adequate temperature for your indoor growing.Just place it under your pots and this 11W mat will raise the temperature 10 to 15 ° C above room temperature.

    30,49 €
    Out of stock
  • Cubes for seeds and cuttings - Make germination and...

    These cubes are perfect for rooting cuttings and germinating all seeds.Very simple to use, our tests allow us to have a germination rate of 100%.Tray of 24 cubesSize: 28.5 cm x 19cm

    9,90 €
  • Scalpel

    Cleanly make all your cuttings with this ultra-precise scalpel!Delivered in its 100% sterile packaging - Resistant steel blade

    1,00 €

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