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  • Ultrasonic air humidifier 4L HUMIPRO - Garden HighPro

    Discover HUMIPRO, a 4L humidifier from Garden HighPro, ideal for controlling the humidity needed for indoor growing!

    68,90 €
    1 Review(s)
  • Ultrasonic fogger - 1 cell - Rodwin Electronics

    Discover the 1 cell ultrasonic fogger from Rodwin Electronics. This Mist Maker 1 head will allow you to spread a dry mist, without wetting the leaves (which will prevent mold or various diseases).A fogger is essential in a culture space, it allows to maintain a correct hydrometric rate, and to keep a correct temperature.

    19,90 €
    Out of stock
  • 1 cell fogger float - Rodwin Electronics

    Discover the plastic float designed for a 1 cell ultrasonic fogger. It will optimize the misting area by keeping the Mist Maker 3cm from the surface.

    4,50 €
  • Anti Splash Rodwin Electronics - for 1 Cell Fogger

    The anti-splash is ideal to avoid splashing of your 1 cell fogger, due to ultrasound.

    3,90 €
  • Mist Maker - Ultrasonic Mist - 1 Head

    Want to add humidity to your grow space, the Mist Maker fogger is the ideal tool for this mission.

    20,00 €

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