You are many indoor growers to use SpectraPANEL horticultural LED lamps!

Sold and improved since 2016, these panels offer reliability, performance and low consumption.

There are 3 different SpectraPANEL lamps depending on the size of your growing room.

The lamps are all equipped with the latest CREE CXB 3590 LED to achieve outstanding performance during growth and flowering. But this LED has its limits when it comes to flowering and red intake.
That's why SpectraPANEL Plant LED Panels are sold with an integrated flowering booster.

The contributions of the flowering Booster

During growth, simply use the CREE CXB3590 central LED. You will get beautiful plants that just want to go into bloom. During the transition to flowering, you will surely change the lighting delay. Your LED horticultural lamp will light less during the day. We advise you to spend a few days before activating the flowering booster available on the back of your device.

This flowering booster activates OSRON SSL OSLON LEDs deep red. We want to emphasize that it is a flowering booster and not a flowering specter. You will have to use it in addition to the CREE CXB3590 LED that you have activated in bloom.

Your spectrum will win in red and this will benefit your flowers / fruits.

Then just let nature and you will notice the benefits of this booster!