Horticultural lamp with LED bars - SpectraWILD S240 - Length 50cm - Width 50cm

SpectraWILD S240 Expand

The SpectraWILD S240 is equipped with 4 60W LED horticultural bars. Enjoy a Full Spectrum ! It is designed with SAMSUNG TOP BIN LEDs.

Take advantage of the management console (sold separately) to control your lighting (200max). These LED horticultural bars will simulate a sunrise and sunset. It is also possible to regulate the light output according to the selected temperature.

Max surface 100cm x 100cm - Samsung LEDs - MeanWell power supplies

Minimum box size 60cm x 60cm

Product size 50cm x 50cm

Consumption: 240Watts

barre horticole led croissance floraison meanwell samsung topbin

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Informations - Horticultural lamp with LED bars - SpectraWILD S240 - Length 50cm - Width 50cm


  • Intensity management with management console (sold separately)
  • High performance. Best quality / price / performance ratio
  • Full spectrum for growth and flowering
  • SAMSUNG TOP BIN horticultural LEDs
  • Sold complete ready to plug in - Plug & Grow
  • Max crop area 100cm x 100cm


  • Homogeneous square lighting area
  • Simple to use with clip-on bars
  • Check the environment of your grow box!
  • Design your lighting park up to 200 lamps!
  • A harvest of incomparable quality!
  • A single LED horticultural lighting from seed to harvest.
  • 2 year replacement warranty

Sold with

  • A SpectraWILD S240 LED horticultural lighting system
  • Central power supply
  • 4 horticultural bars to clip 50cm
  • Suspension kit (pulleys)
  • 150cm power cable with EU plug
  • Connection cable to connect several SpectraWILDs
SpectraWILD eclairage horticole led pour serres horticultures et cultivateurs en interieur

LED horticultural lighting for professional growers

SpectraWILD S240 lighting is designed with the best components. The LEDs that we implement on our electronic plates come directly from Samsung. They allow to obtain a quality spectrum (TOP-BIN LED), surpassing traditional HPS / CMH lamps.

The SpectraWILD has a design allowing you to obtain homogeneous performances on all your culture space.

Optimal growing area: 80cm x 80cm - Maximum growing area: 100cm x 100cm

Adapted air extractor power: 200 / 300m3h

Spectre horticole led gamme spectrawild barre culture plantes serres greenhouse samsung top bin

A spectrum optimized for growth and flowering

We wanted to offer you results that were above your expectations. For this we studied about 20 different spectra on paper and we selected 6 to test on indoor crops. After 14 months of testing, we found the perfect spectrum with a well-controlled supply of intense reds. The "Full Spectrum" of Samsung LEDs produces a color rendering of 93 !!

We use 6 different types of LEDs and spectra on the SpectraWILD to give you the best formula for incredible results.
SpectraWILD spectre floraison eclairage horticole led pour serres horticultures et cultivateurs en interieur

SpectraWILD gestion intensité lampe horticole LED

Take control of your SpectraWILD S240 lighting!

The SpectraWILD is compatible with the management console allowing you to control the intensity of the lighting and to simulate a sunrise and sunset. The console also offers the possibility of varying the intensity of the lighting as a function of the temperature in your growing space. It is an important element in an indoor culture. This LED horticultural lamp is very very powerful. In order to watch over your plants and the lifespan of the lighting, you can opt to slightly reduce the intensity if the temperature is too high.

Control your lighting and up to 200 lights with a single management console.

From the 60cm x 60cm box to the growing room of several m²

This new LED horticultural lighting benefits from numerous advantages dedicated to grow rooms. Whether you are an amateur or professional cultivator, this lamp will always offer you results and a lighting area that meets all your requirements.

In your grow room, it will be possible to connect a single management console to several dozen lamps. You will obtain a totally homogeneous lighting cycle synchronized across your entire lighting fleet. This lighting will be effective on all methods of cultivation in soil, coconut, hydroponics, aeroponics etc ...

The SpectraWILD range is the direct competitor to HQI and HPS / MH. Imagine maximum performance, without the faults of these various traditional lamps.
salle de culture lampe culture plantes serre interieur

SpectraWILD floraison bloomled culture interieur barres plantes

Big flowers for a magnificent harvest!

The SpectraWILD horticultural lighting system has a spectrum and power that will allow you to obtain magnificent flowers / fruits in bloom. The "Full Spectrum" on this lamp is designed to speed up the flowering process of your plants as much as possible. We have known since 2009 that we must succeed in making you benefit from lamps which offer you harmonious growth and abundant flowering.

Adapt your growing space with the three different versions (SpectraWILD S240 / M720 / L960)

Installation of the SpectraWILD S240 LED horticultural lamp

Setting up your SpectraWILD S240 is very simple.
  • 1 - Take the bars and power supplies out of the box
  • 2 - Place the central power supply on a table
  • 3 - Slide the bars into the housing. You must have 4 bars to fix
  • 4 - As soon as you hear a "Clip" your bar is fixed!
  • 5 - Connect the bars to the different connectors
  • 6 - Now you just have to suspend your system
  • 7 - And you can now connect the EU plug to your network

Data sheet - Horticultural lamp with LED bars - SpectraWILD S240 - Length 50cm - Width 50cm

TypeLED horticultural lighting
Optimal distance40cm
PPFD 20cm1406
PPFD à 60cm (µmol/m²/s)405
PPFD 40cm739
Flowering lighting area80cm x 80cm
Majority wavelength660nm
CCT - Température de couleur3500K
Growing area lighting100cm x 100cm
Light colorWhite
Management intensityOui avec console de gestion (vendue séparément)
Manage spectreOui avec console de gestion (vendue séparément)
Used forGermination, cuttings, growth and BLOOM
Résistant à l'humiditéOui - IP65
Product Size50cm x 50cm
Fixture typeCables and hooks provided
Heating timeInstantaneous
Plug & PlayYes with plug
Warranty3 years




Conception très bien pensée, assemblage très facile, robustesse du matériel utilisé indéniable. Éclairage au top. Mais à utiliser impérativement avec la console pour profiter de toutes les fonctionnalités.

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