SpectraWILD L960 - Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Bars - 960W - 110x110 - SmartWILD console -Samsung / Meanwell compatible

SpectraWILD S240 Expand

The SpectraWILD L960 is equipped with 8 horticultural LED bars of 120W of 110cm of length. Enjoy a Full Spectrum + UV + Infrared! It is designed with SAMSUNG TOP BIN LEDs.

Take advantage of the management console (sold separately) to control your lighting (200max). These horticultural LED bars will simulate a sunrise and sunset. It is also possible to regulate the power of the lighting according to the selected temperature.

Max Area 200cm x 200cm - Samsung LEDs - MeanWell Power Supplies

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Informations - SpectraWILD L960 - Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Bars - 960W - 110x110 - SmartWILD console -Samsung / Meanwell compatible


  • Compatible with the management console (sold separately)
  • Very high efficiency lighting!
  • Complete horticultural spectrum designed for the growth and flowering phases
  • Ready to install - Plug & Play
  • Maximum crop area 200cm x 200cm


  • Homogeneous and powerful lighting
  • Easy-to-clip LED barsFully control the environment of your growing space!
  • Use up to 200 lamps at the same timeAn impressive quality crop!
  • A single LED horticultural lamp from growth to flowering.
  • Lighting guaranteed for 3 years with new replacement

Delivered with

  • A SpectraWILD L960 LED horticultural lamp
  • Central power
  • 8 horticultural bars to clip 90cm
  • A suspension kit with pulleys
  • 150cm power cable with European plug
  • Connection cable to connect several SpectraWILDs
SpectraWILD eclairage horticole led pour serres horticultures et cultivateurs en interieur

SpectraWILD L960: The choice of professional growers

Designed with the best materials on the market, the SpectraWILD L960 is today one of the pillars of horticultural lighting today. Its electronic plate is manufactured by Samsung and the quality of its components is well established. Thanks to its high-end Samsung TOP BIN LEDs, this lighting exceeds all HPS / CMH horticultural lamps on the market.

Composed of eight LED bars, this system diffuses its full spectrum evenly over an area of ​​140cm x 140cm in growth and 120cm x 120cm in flowering. Its powerful light easily penetrates the canopy of plants, to allow them to develop in the best conditions!

Spectre horticole led gamme spectrawild barre culture plantes serres greenhouse samsung top bin

A spectrum adapted to the life cycle of plants!

Efficient and complete lighting is very important for the development of a plant. We worked on the spectrum for several months in order to adapt our SpectraWILD L960 as much as possible to the growth and flowering of plants. We succeeded in obtaining an ideal ratio offering different wavelengths. The L960 now broadcasts a broad spectrum, a powerful light and 100% suitable for growing plants indoors. You will get generous crops!

The SpectraWILD L960 horticultural LED bars are composed of 8 different types of LEDs and spectra in order to obtain perfection.
SpectraWILD spectre floraison eclairage horticole led pour serres horticultures et cultivateurs en interieur

SpectraWILD gestion intensité lampe horticole LED

Fully control your culture space!

You have the option of connecting the management console to the SpectraWILD L960 system. Sold separately, this console allows you to perfectly modulate the intensity of its system, or even to simulate sunrises and sunsets.

The management console will allow you to control the temperature emitted by your system, to guarantee optimal security. It will allow you, for example, to reduce the intensity of the lighting if it reaches a certain temperature. A suitable temperature is important for your safety but also for the development of plants.

With this management console, you will be able to control 200 SpectraWILD L960 horticultural lights.

In a growing box or a greenhouse, the SpectraWILD will be able to adapt!

The SpectraWILD L960 has been designed to adapt to different growing spaces. Whether in a small or larger space, this multi-bar system is perfectly capable of adapting. If the growing area is large, simply use several SpectraWILDs and connect them using a connection cable (supplied).

You will then be able to manage all your SpectraWILD lights using the management console, and offer all your plants the amount of light they really need!

You can use this lighting for all types of plants. It equips for example numerous culture rooms for CBD.
salle de culture lampe culture plantes serre interieur

SpectraWILD floraison bloomled culture interieur barres plantes

Unrivaled quality for generous productions!

With its full spectrum, the SpectraWILD L960 offers impressive performance. It will allow you to obtain large crops, quickly and in abundance.

Adapt your growing space with the three different versions (SpectraWILD S240 / M720 / L960)

Installation of the SpectraWILD L960 LED horticultural lighting

Installing your SpectraWILD L960 is very easy.
  • 1 - Take the bars and power supplies out of the box
  • 2 - Place the central power supply on a table
  • 3 - Slide the bars into the housing. You must have 8 bars to fix
  • 4 - As soon as you hear a "Clip" your bar is fixed!
  • 5 - Connect the bars to the different connectors
  • 6 - Now you just have to suspend your system
  • 7 - And you can now connect the European plug to your network

Data sheet - SpectraWILD L960 - Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Bars - 960W - 110x110 - SmartWILD console -Samsung / Meanwell compatible

Flowering lighting areaFloraison : 140cm x 140
Growing area lightingCroissance : 160 x 160cm
Light colorWhite
Management intensityOui ( console de gestion vendue séparément )
Product Size110CM X 110CM
Plug & PlayYes with plug
Growing lighting areaCroissance : 160 x 160cm
Flowering lighting areaFloraison : 140cm x 140
Intensity managementOui ( console de gestion vendue séparément )
Fastening systemSold with suspension kit
Thermal dissipationPassive - 0dB - No noise
Operating temperature-20°C / +40+C
Product size110CM X 110CM
Heating timeInstantaneous
Moisture resistantIP65
Ready to useOui, livré avec câble et prise
Guarantee3 years - PREMIUM guarantee offered!


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